Cool and Unusual Bindings

Abebooks just sent out an email featuring some unusual bindings and book covers.

Mostly Victorian, Turn-of-the-Century, and Art Deco but ranging from early 19th century to mid-twentieth century. Of European origin; French and Italian. Mounted on 131 "cartes" of binder's board (measuring 9 x 11 inches) with double-back tape. General condition is excellent. Some of the brasses are signed by the engraver. There are approximately 6100 individual pieces plus 700 pieces of single, double, and triple rule. The collection weighs about 800 pounds. There are over 400 arabesque, fleurons, and similar ornaments; over 300 stylized or naturalistic flowers; over 800 coats-of-arms, crowns, medallions, and other devices (some commercial); over 300 solid borders, frames, panels and large corners of traditional, flower and art nouveau styles. There are about 50 composite border sets with between 50 and 200 pieces each; included are about 10 traditional arabesque and dentelle borders; 10 for floral borders; 10 typically 19th century; and 7 art nouveau with one large set of floral and abstract linear design with brasses to produce two-color work. The collection is documented in a 4 volume spiral bound catalogue (254 pages) containing proofs or photographs of each piece. Each of the 131 cartes is labeled to be cross-referenced to the catagories used in organizing the catalogues.

Item is being sold by Veatchs Arts of the Book in Northampton, MA.

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