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The top 10 out-of-print books. By top 10, I assume they mean most wanted.

  1. Once a Runner (1978) by John L. Parker, Jr.
    The cult classic distance running novel; the long-awaited sequel, Again to Carthage, was released in November
  2. Football Scouting Methods (1962) by Steve Belichick
    Legendary college football scout’s playbook, used by coaches and players to develop winning game plans
  3. Sex (1992) by Madonna
    The pop icon’s controversial book of erotic photos
  4. Promise Me Tomorrow (1984) by Nora Roberts
    An early novel that the bestselling romance novelist refuses to reprint, describing it as “mediocre”
  5. The Lion’s Paw (1946) by Robb White
    A children’s adventure story about two orphans who travel around Florida in a boat
  6. The Principles of Knitting (1988) by June Hemmons Hiatt
    An indispensable resource on hand knitting
  7. Raven: The Untold Story of the Reverend Jim Jones and His People (1982) by Tim Reiterman
    Chronicles the inner workings which allowed the Peoples Temple to flourish
  8. Aran Knitting (1997) by Alice Starmore
    History and how-to about the Irish knitting technique
  9. One Way Up (1964) by John F. Straubel
    The story of of helicopters and vertically rising aircraft
  10. Dear and Glorious Physician (1959) by Taylor Caldwell
    A novel based on the life of Saint Luke

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Unknown said...

What happened to 'cards as weapons?' i always thought was a highly desirable book.

The Other Susan said...

Who is looking for Sex by Madonna? I have a copy still in its original Mylar wrapper.......

Michael Popek said...

it seems that there are still a lot of people looking for the book, check out amazon:

they start at $75 and go way up. susan, if you want some quick cash, sell yours on amazon or eBay, or if you're desperate, you can bring it to a local bookseller. You can expect to get 20-40% of the retail.

Michael Popek said...

oops, they cut off my gigantic amazon URL.

here's the tinyurl version: