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Hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy. We are working on a reopening date and will post the date when we have determined when it's safe for all. In the meantime, we are still purchasing books, feel free to email to set up a contactless dropoff: paper@popeks.com.

Please remember that all of our books are available to order online, with free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

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Winter Hours

The bookstore will be closed during the current community crisis. Please be safe, I hope to see you soon.

On Bookselling

Some interesting quotes from Peter Howard, formerly one of the top antiquarian booksellers in the United States:

“There is no possible, rational prediction that a given used or antiquarian book will sell for a given or specific price in a specific period of time.”

“A large collection of used books is difficult and often impossible to sell at a predictable or desired price.”

“Booksellers are entrepreneurs. The success of their business depends primarily (or entirely?) upon acumen honed over time; their special knowledge (absorbed over years), and their force of will. None of these elements is transferable; none can be bought and sold; occasionally they can be hired. Such entrepreneurs are vulnerable to illness, uncontrollable social or personal vicissitudes, changes in economies of scale, and bad judgment.”

“In a downward, declining or changing market, ownership of one’s building is an absolute guarantee of survival… The book market place is changing utterly, more so than in any time in history, this hour, this day, this month, this year.”

Closing Early - Saturday, October 29

We will be closing at noon (12:00 PM) on Saturday, October 29.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.

The Macabre Of Bookbinding: Anthropodermic Bibliopegy

"Not too much about book history can be considered ghastly or morbid. But as you gear up for Halloween this year, don’t disregard the rumors lurking in the stacks: Some books throughout history were bound in human flesh. Anthropodermic bibliopegy, the academic term for books bound in human skin, fascinates many students and researchers around the world.  There are a handful of books living in universities, museums, and private collections across the globe with these rumors attached, and to the excitement of some — and the horror of others — several have been scientifically proven true: they are indeed bound in the flesh of humans."